Do you ever dress up as a woman?

Never hide your differences. It’s what makes each of us unique. Corporate Queer is a community for LGBTI-professionals and those with an open mind. We aim to challenge heteronormativity in the corporate world.

We are courageously striving for a world in which everyone can be authentic.

We challenge the people around us who were raised to think differently. We don’t justify the status quo.


By neglecting diversity, employees are less productive, less creative, and inevitably less valuable.


Did you know that:


of LGBTI+ employees hide their sexuality.


have been told to dress more feminine or masculine.


have heard offensive jokes at least once while at work.


are worried about making people feel uncomfortable.
Source: Corporate Equality Index 2018 | Human Rights Campaign

For professionals

Do you want to grow your queer business network? Explore your identity during fun activities? Or dive into historical homos? To boost your career, we have developed a unique program for LGBTI workers who are willing to lead with authenticity.

Join our Academy to:

▪ Understand how your sexuality and/or gender identity has an impact on your life’s choices and career development.
▪ Gain knowledge about inclusive leadership and how to create a safe workplace.
▪ Strengthen your core values and leave with a roadmap for protecting your individuality.

▪ Learn what exemplary behavior entails in minor conflict situations through role-play.
▪ Meet inspiring role models and interact with peers to learn from each other’s experiences.
▪ Become a CQ alumnus and join an invaluable network with regularly updated, inspirational content and external events.

Maybe you shouldn’t be out here. Nothing personal though.

Corporate Queer works on inclusive work environments throughout the year, not only during Pride. Do you want to show your pride? Contact us to be featured in our portrait series. Let’s inspire each other.

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For employers

Do you want to attract queer top talent? Build an inclusive brand? Or set up an internal LGBTI network?

We distinguish our services in four categories:

We invite your employees to speak out through (video) interviews, podcasts and campaigns. Our website contains a database of CQ’s.

We evaluate and advise D&I policies for big corporations to produce white papers and bridge the gap towards SMEs.

We organize activities to interact with like-minded people, such as cross-generational discussions in an LGBTI elderly home.

We give training and develop tailor-made leadership programs to empower queer individuals in order to further diversify C-suite executives, leaving no one behind.

Remco Boxelaar (he/him) is the founder of Corporate Queer. What does it mean to be professional? He believes in ‘Excellence through Authenticity’. Remco holds an MSc Business Administration in International Management & Leadership from the University of Amsterdam. In his thesis he researched how to turn the perceived disadvantage of LGBTI+ leaders into an advantage. Before starting his own business, he has worked as Manager Diversity & Inclusion at AT Osborne. Remco was also part of the Advisory Board of SER Diversity at Work.

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